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Estex - Waterproofing Spray 200ml



Ex Tax: 9.19€

Estex - Waterproofing Spray 200ml#5870The waterproofing spray Estex 5870 is ideal for shoes and clothes.The sealant spray protects skin, nubuck, fabrics and membrane materials. Protects against moisture and dirt and prevents marks on the fabric...

Estex - Grass Boot 100ml



Ex Tax: 7.09€

Estex - Grass Boot 100ml#5872The grease oil waterproofs, nourishes and softens oily skins and nubucks...

Granger's - Activewear Carekit



Ex Tax: 19.35€

Granger's - Activewear Carekit#BXP.GRF138Integrated equipment protection and care system activewear. Includes Includes:-Active Wash 750ml for cleaning your clothing-Odour Eliminator 100ml to neutralise unpleasant odours created in footwearActive Wash:Designed to remove persistent odours of clothes a..

Granger's Down Wash 300 ml



Ex Tax: 8.79€

Granger's Down Wash 300 mlA package of protection products.Two regular size bottlesDown Wash detergent,for safe cleaning and careof the feather-linedyour clothing and accessories, with threereusabledryer balls for preventionof the accumulation of down bydrying. Cleans, perfumesand restores the garme..

Matt - Light Headband Stripes I



Ex Tax: 8.87€

Matt - Light Headband Stripes I  #5894-980-Ribbon of two layers-The fabric used is micro fiber, which gives a very nice feeling on the skin, soft and comfortable-Protects against sweat and also helps the sweat to get out-Fully designed with an attractive design that blends in with other products of ..

Granger's - Performance Wash 300 ml



Ex Tax: 8.79€

Grangers - Performance Wash 300 mlWashing machine protection solution,designed to clean the dirtand remove odours as well asand the harmful residues due to thefrequent use of detergentswashing machine. Restores transpiration andmaintains the existingwaterproofing. It can also beused for the preparat..

Granger's - Merino Wash 300 ml



Ex Tax: 6.85€

Grangers - Merino Wash 300 mlA unique detergentdesigned to clean andprotects all wool andmerino clothes. It removes dirt, dirt, dirt andsmells, and noxious residueslaundry detergents, whileat the same time improves the moisturizingand insulating properties of garments.Contains natural cedar extractt..

Granger's - Clothing Repel 300 ml



Ex Tax: 11.21€

Granger's - Clothing Repel 300 mlA waterproofing productfor use in the washing machine suitable forall technical and outdoor clothing.Adds a durable waterprooffinishing to helpin the protection of all clothes withoutneed thermal activation.Fluorocarbon free, suitable forGore-Tex® and eVENT® clothing..

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