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Fabsil - Cherry Blossom Shoe Protector



Ex Tax: 10.08€

Fabsil - Cherry Blossom Shoe ProtectorCB211002#4Ενισχύει και υποβοηθά την αντίσταση του δέρματος στο νερό και μειώνει την υγρασία.Χρησιμοποιείται σε όλους τους τύπους δερμάτων (Καστόρινα-Nubuck)...

Grangers - Performance Repel Plus 275ml



Ex Tax: 13.47€

Grangers - Performance Repel PlusZ.GRF150EX#200 Σπρέι αδιαβροχοποίησης και συντήρησης ενδυμάτων.• Για όλες τις μεμβράνες• Δεν επηρεάζει τη διαπνοήΧΑΡΑΚΤΗΡΙΣΤΙΚΑ:• Ανώτερη απωθητικότητα• Μεγιστοποιεί την αναπνοή• Αποκαθιστά την απόδοση σαν καινούργια• 100% ανακυκλωμένο μπουκάλι• Εγκεκριμένο από το Bl..

Grangers - Down Wash Kit



Ex Tax: 17.74€

Grangers - Down Wash Kit #GRF207#200Αυτό το σετ αφαιρεί την ταλαιπωρία από το πλύσιμο των πούπουλων σας. Η νέα μας φόρμουλα προσφέρει τώρα 12 πλύσεις αντί για 6 - διπλασιάζοντας τη διάρκεια ζωής του μπουκαλιού!ΧΑΡΑΚΤΗΡΙΣΤΙΚΑ:• Ισχυρός καθαρισμός για πούπουλα και συνθετικά πούπουλα• Αφαιρεί τη βρωμιά..

Silver - Σπρεϊ Αδιαβροχοποίησης...



Ex Tax: 6.05€

Silver - Σπρεϊ Αδιαβροχοποίησης Αδιαβροχοποιητικό σπρέι για Suede και Nubuck Δερματα με ειδικό καπάκι και για τα καστόρινα με χρωμα για ανανεωση του χρωματος...

Grangers - Footwear Repel Plus 275ml



Ex Tax: 10.48€

Grangers - Footwear Repel Plus 275ml#Z.GRF201EXΚατάλληλο για όλους τους τύπους υποδημάτων συμπεριλαμβανομένων full grain leather, nubuck, suede και fabric υποδημάτων. Η εφαρμογή γίνεται με ψεκασμό πάνω στο ένδυμα πράγμα που κάνει τον τρόπο χρήσης πολύ απλό. Απωθεί το νερό και τους λεκέδες ενώ ταυτόχ..

Grangers - Footwear + Gear Cleaner 275ml



Ex Tax: 7.26€

Grangers - Footwear + Gear Cleaner 275ml#Z.GRF77EXThe Gear Cleaner is the cleaner you need to clean all your equipment without using the washing machine. High performance spray cleaner that cleans and removes unpleasant odours without affecting hydrophobic and waterproof technical fabrics. Use it al..

Salomon - Πάτοι Inlay Ortholite Yellow



Ex Tax: 8.06€

Salomon - Πάτοι Inlay Ortholite Yellow#L8606820036Οι πάτοι αποτελούνται από αφρό Ortholite ® και κύπελλο φτέρνας EVA. Ο αφρός Ortholite® που χρησιμοποιείται εξασφαλίζει καλή απορρόφηση κραδασμών, ψύξη, στεγνά πόδια και υγιεινό κλίμα στο παπούτσι. Μέσω του συνδυασμού ειδικής σόλας PU και καουτσούκ, π..

Hanwag - Shoe Wax



Ex Tax: 7.26€

Hanwag - Shoe Wax#8628Skin care product made with beeswax, carnauba wax and lanolin.-Nourishes and soaks the skin -Only slightly changes the appearance-Natural productSize: 100ml..

Hanwag - Waterproofing Spray



Ex Tax: 12.74€

Hanwag - Waterproofing Spray#8624Fluorine-free impregnation spray with active silicone ingredient. -Maintains transpiration. -Suitable for all skin types (except for patent leather). The Hanwag Waterproofing Spray is suitable for all skin types (except for patent leather) as well as for synthetic ma..

Hanwag - Care Sponge 100ml



Ex Tax: 9.68€

Hanwag - Care Sponge 100ml#8622The care sponge Hanwag is both waterproof and nutritious. This sustainable emulsion is suitable for all skin types including those with a lining GORE-TEX®.-Maintains transpiration -Nourishes and soaks the skin-It only slightly changes the appearance of the suede, nubuc..

Estex - Grass Boot 100ml



Ex Tax: 7.09€

Estex - Grass Boot 100ml#5872The grease oil waterproofs, nourishes and softens oily skins and nubucks...

Estex - Shoe Deodorant 150ml



Ex Tax: 8.38€

Estex - Shoe Deodorant 150ml#5876Antibacterial shoe deodorant 150 ml..

Cherry Blossom - Universal Protector 200ml



Ex Tax: 6.37€

Cherry Blossom - Universal Protector 200ml#PCPR001BDesigned to add protection from rain and stains to all materials. The Universal Protector Spray dries to an invisible finish and protects without inhibiting the natural properties of your shoes...

Veriga - Dereze Run Track New



Ex Tax: 58.06€

Veriga - Dezere Run Track New #43614The RUN TRACK NEW crampons is addressed to outdoor runners, whowant to feel safe in snowy and icy terrain. The special serrated pins provide excellent traction, strength and flexibility. The good fit is guaranteed thanks to the rubber, which prevents movement and ..

Veriga - Grip Step



Ex Tax: 20.97€

Veriga - Grip Step#SI-4248Anti-slip shoe chains for walking on snowy and icy roads in the city. They have special pins for better traction. Small and discreet, they fit any shoe and can be stored in a very small handy carrying case...

Olang - Isowarm -50°C Thermal shoe insoles



Ex Tax: 10.89€

Olang - Isowarm -50°C Thermal shoe insolesIncrease the comfort and insulation offered by your snow bootsor your shoes by adding a thermal insole Olang Isowarm Inner Sole. The inner sole Isowarm keeps your feet warm and dry isolating the tread from the cold, while maintaining a uniform footprint and ..

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Green



Ex Tax: 8.06€

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Red #326678The patented system Quicklace compatible with Salomon Footwear and ski boots allows, quick, easy adjustment of the laces on the go,ensuring that they will never come undone or have loose ends...

RyWan - Anatomical sole



Ex Tax: 13.46€

RyWan - Anatomical sole#7802-Comfortable sole, ideal for intensive and long-term use-Cut 41/46-Excellent comfort-Ergonomic shape-3 density technology..

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Red



Ex Tax: 8.06€

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Red #326674The patented system Quicklace compatible with Salomon Footwear and ski boots allows, quick, easy adjustment of the laces on the go,ensuring that they will never come undone or have loose ends...

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Black



Ex Tax: 8.06€

Salomon - Quicklace Kit Black #326672The patented system Quicklace compatible with Salomon Footwear and ski boots allows, quick, easy adjustment of the laces on the go,ensuring that they will never come undone or have loose ends...

Granger's - Activewear Carekit



Ex Tax: 20.56€

Granger's - Activewear Carekit#BXP.GRF138Integrated equipment protection and care system activewear. Includes Includes:-Active Wash 750ml for cleaning your clothing-Odour Eliminator 100ml to neutralise unpleasant odours created in footwearActive Wash:Designed to remove persistent odours of clothes a..

Veriga - Urban Step



Ex Tax: 23.39€

Veriga - Urban StepΤο URBAN TRACK είναι απίστευτα ελαφρύ κραμπόν, σχεδιασμένο για περπάτημα σε χιονισμένους και παγωμένους δρόμους. Τα crampons διαθέτουν μια ειδική αλυσίδα συστροφής και ειδικές αιχμές για αποτελεσματικό κράτημα. Είναι μικρά και διακριτά, και επομένως είναι κατάλληλα για οποιαδήποτε..

Veriga - Mount Track



Ex Tax: 39.52€

Veriga - Mount Track #28334Excellent tyres crampons with stainless steel chain on the sole and a stainless steel chain on the special plate 14 of horseshoe-shaped points, made entirely of noble heat-treated steel, providing excellent adhesion. Simply put them over your shoes and tighten them with th..

Veriga - Ice Track



Ex Tax: 34.68€

Veriga - Ice Track#28567Excellent tyres crampons made of stainless steel chain and twisting on the sole.High quality heat-treated steel points for effective adhesion. Just put them on over your shoes and tighten them with the strap. The crampons are discreet and comfortable. Storage is easy thanks t..

Veriga - City Track



Ex Tax: 17.74€

#29230The City Track Crampons intended for walking on snowy and icy city streets. The reinforced rubber straps ensure stability. The special teeth ensure good adhesion to the floor surface. They are suitable for any shoe with a very good fit.These crampons not suitable for extreme mountaineering!SIZ..

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